Cable Lift Trucks For Sale

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We source and supply cable lift lorries from all manufacturers, including DAF, Mercedes, Renault, and Volvo. Every vehicle we sell is subject to a rigorous inspection of both vehicle and equipment, and potentially refurbishment before sale so you can leave our yard and go straight to work.

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Cable lift trucks: an essential fleet member

Cable lift trucks are an essential member of the fleet when it comes to scaffolding solutions. Built to load containers and scaffold beds on to 4, 6 and 8 wheeled lorries, they provide a useful alternative to hook loader systems.

Especially suited to loading jobs that need to be carried out within confined areas, such as inside buildings and in areas with low overhead clearances, cable lift lorries operate with lower angle load and unload capabilities.

The design specification of cable lift trucks also means that these vehicles are typically more appropriate for lifting heavier loads. This is due to the option to adjust the incline of the load, which can help to reduce the possibility of losing scaffolding from the bed during loading and unloading.

At MHF (UK) Ltd we source cable lift trucks for sale from all manufacturers, including DAF, Mercedes, Renault and Volvo. We stock a wide range of spares for Multilift, NCH and MHF equipment so that we can supply exactly the truck you need. Our highly skilled team proudly tackles all design and build projects to personal specifications, even those jobs that other companies can’t handle.

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Rigorous inspections

You can rely on our straight talking, efficient service to cater for all your cable lift truck needs. Every truck that comes in to our yard is subject to rigorous inspections of both the vehicle and all equipment on board.

We will refurbish anything that we deem to be sub-standard before listing a vehicle for sale to ensure that as soon as it leaves our yard, your cable lift lorry is ready for work.

All our cable lift trucks can be fitted with Easy Sheet sheeting systems. Further information is available here.

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