Easy Sheet Systems

As part of our commitment to supplying first-class trucks to waste management firms, MHF (UK) Ltd are proud to offer fully automated sheeting systems as an optional extra for our customers.

Easy Sheet sheeting systems offer an excellent means of covering open top containers. Not only do they minimise the escape of debris from a container, they also protect potential hazardous loads whilst being transported and prevent contact with a load whilst it is covered.

All sheeting systems supplied and fitted to MHF vehicles are widely considered to offer a robust and practical piece of equipment designed to cope with often harsh and unforgiving working environments.

Peace of mind with Easy Sheet

Mechanical sheeting systems are also quicker to operate, resulting in increased productivity and profitability. We believe that a mechanical sheeting system will facilitate 2-3 extra loads per day being transported versus the use of traditional covers such as tarpaulins or nets.

In an age where health and safely is considered paramount, a further benefit of automated sheeting systems is that the vehicle driver no longer needs to climb on to the truck bed or container body to cover their cargo.

Our hydraulic easy sheet systems are all operated via a waterproof control switch that is located externally or a handheld remote-control device, giving the operator a clear view of the system as it is working.


MHF (UK) Ltd supplies three types of sheeting system suitable for various truck configurations. Here, we look at each in detail:

HyCover – a fast low-cost sheeting solution to comply with modern site restrictions

Suitable for all types of draw bar and hookloader trucks, HyCover is the market leading lightweight sheeting system that covers all sizes of open top containers. Attractive not only because of its versatility, the HyCover sheeting system is simply operated from the safety of ground level.

With a robust pneumatic tower that can reach heights of up to 4.7m, HyCover is simply operated via a pull rope that can be used to guide the sheet over any size container before being secured. HyCover also comes with a useful tower drop-down feature.

Fitted with a preloaded spring, the retracting roller bar will neatly guide the sheeting back in to its housing when released. The HyCover tower is operated by an externally mounted safe-feature control box.

This simple configuration makes HyCover a most reliable sheeting system and one that requires minimal maintenance. Powder coated, with a zinc steel finish, HyCover is the market’s smart solution to your sheeting system needs.

AutoCover – the UK’s leading fixed arm hook loader sheeting system: now an industry standard

As with HyCover, the AutoCover sheeting system is suitable for fitting to both hook loader and draw-bar trailers to cover open top containers.

The sheeting system is housed within a retractable rollerbar which is mounted between two frame arms. This rollerbar carries the sheet to the rear of the container, safely covering the load within. It also enables the sheet to be laid carefully, avoiding any snag points.

When the load has been transported to its destination, the sheeting system is collected up within the rollerbar, where it retracts during uncovering. This operation is controlled via a dual lever control valve that is mounted externally to the truck.


Mechanically operated by four hydraulic cylinders, the heavy-duty framework is manoeuvred above the load. The covering and uncovering process takes less than 25 seconds to complete, making it one of the most time-saving systems, which ultimately saves our customers money.

Finished to the same high standard as the HyCover model with a zinc powder coated finish, and with minimal maintenance needs the AutoCover system offers an efficient product that is attractive to many waste management companies.

UnderCover – the most innovative In-Out sheeting system – Type Approved

Specifically designed for installation on hookloaders and draw bar trailers, the UnderCover sheeting system is the most advanced model. It is ideal for covering all sizes of container from ground level from 15 to 55 yards.

Fully automatic, the UnderCover sheeting system is designed to comply with industry legislation worldwide.

Uniquely designed to extend the covering capacity by 165mm either side of the framework, UnderCover is operated via a choice of control points. With an externally mounted control valve and also a remote-control handheld device to give the operator the most flexible approach to operating the system, this system is simpler and more reliable than any other model for hookloader vehicles.

Powered by 6 hydraulic cylinders, the UnderCover sheeting system is cleverly designed to reach 165mm wider than the framework on either side via extending arms. It is then manoeuvred by an attached spring loaded rollerbar and attached over the container.

The sheet is then fastened at the rear of the container and the operation is reversed, covering the container with the sheet laying safely on the load. The arms are then retracted to sit underneath and in front of the container, within 2.55m width, protecting them from damage.

Another notable feature of the UnderCover sheeting system is that it is stored in a compact way which enables vehicles to be stored in restricted spaces. Minimal room is required to operate the system during both cover and uncover mode. Containers can also be loaded on to the vehicle without the risk of damaging the hoses or arms as they don’t protrude over the truck bed.

With an operation time of under 60 seconds and minimal maintenance requirements, the UnderCover sheeting system is a fantastic option for hookloader and draw bar trailer operators.