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Demountable truck hire throughout the UK, any time, any place, any where.

Hook Loaders, Cable Lifts, Skip Loaders, & Tippers

We provide a comprehensive truck rental service from the scottish islands in the North to the Channel Islands in the south. We have a modern, well maintained fleet ready for your service.


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Our Truck Hire Rates


Weight Type of Vehicle Configuration Price per Week
7,500kgs Hook Lift 4×2 £620
12,000kgs Hook Lift 4×2 £700
14,000kgs Hook Lift 4×2 £700
18,000kgs Hook Lift 4×2 £700
26,000kgs Hook Lift 6×4 or 6×2 £850
32,000kgs Hook Lift 8×4 £900
44,000kgs Hook Lift & Trailer 6×4 and Tri-Axle £1,250
44,000kgs Hook Lift & Trailer 8×4 and Tri-Axle £1,300
7,500kgs Skip Loader 4×2 £625
18,000kgs Skip Loader 4×2 £675
18,000kgs Cable Lift 4×2 £700
26,000kgs Cable Lift 6×4 or 6×2 £900
32,000kgs Cable Lift 8×4 £950
32,000kgs Tipper 8×4 £850
24,000kgs Trailer Tri-Axle £525