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We source and supply hook loaders from all manufacturers, and can even build a hook loading system on your rig, custom made to your requirements. Every vehicle we sell is subject to a rigorous inspection of both vehicle and equipment, and potentially refurbishment before sale so you can leave our yard and go straight to work.

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Hook Loaders in waste management

Waste management vehicles such as hook loaders typically transport large skip bins from locations producing waste, such as construction sites, or industrial estates.
Their advantages are that they can:

– Pickup and drop off containers, or large bins, in a very short time frame,

– Transport a range of trailer/container types, reducing overhead costs for businesses,

– Operate without cables, which require additional inspection time before use, and regular maintenance.

Hook loaders utilise extremely strong hydraulic arms to hook, and pull a bin into place over the chassis of the truck. The hook system then locks the bin in place during transport. Their operation isn’t overly complex, but it does require training and certain processes must be observed.

The hook loading system in itself is a specific part of the vehicle which requires a good understanding and constant observation while in operation. Typically, the operator is located within the cab during raising or lowering a container, so an acute awareness of methods, processes, and equipment is vital.

When purchasing a hook loader, it’s important to tell us the intended use of the vehicle. This ensures that you get a vehicle that is designed and built specifically for the intended purposes, and one that will perform as expected for the duration of its fleet status.

Being specialists in the sale and supply of waste management vehicles, hook loaders are somewhat of a speciality for us at MHF UK Ltd. We’ve been sourcing, building, and supplying them to small and large companies for a long time now. We know what to look for, what will inevitably need maintenance, and what each vehicle needs to ensure it performs as you would expect, for as long as you would expect it to.

At MHF (UK) Ltd we’re committed to supplying a complete range of hook loaders for sale or hire to all customers from sole traders to multinational companies, right across the UK. We’ve built a solid reputation for reliability and innovation in the waste management industry and have become a trusted go-to hire company since 1975 for many businesses. Offering vehicles from 7.5 tonne all the way to 32 tonne capacity, we have a solution to suit all requirements – and if we don’t, we’ll build something that does.

Need a drawbar trailer to tow behind your hook loader? Just ask. Many of our vehicles are already fitted with towing kit and are available to hire.
Our vehicles are available in all wheel configurations from 4×2, 6×2, 6×4 and 8×4 giving our fleet a huge range of flexibility – we’ll have the right vehicle to suit your needs.

We pride ourselves on being the country’s number one supplier of new and used hook loaders/hook lifts, and boast an unrivalled nationwide delivery service.

Whatever the make or model of hook loader that you require MHF (UK) Ltd has the vehicle for you. Our varied fleet includes stock from all manufacturers and can be adapted to meet your requirements.

We can even fit Easy Sheet sheeting systems – click here to find out more.

Our current stock is listed above. Contact us to discuss your requirements and let MHF (UK) Ltd supply your next hook loader.