Demountable Truck Spares

Our second hand parts department offer an unrivalled catalogue of second hand spare parts for demountable trucks.

Whether it be spares for hook, cable or chain lift equipment we probably have it. If we haven’t, we’ll know where to get it.

Our expert mechanics will be able to offer expert technical advice. If needs be we can fit the part and carry out any further work you may need in our well-equipped workshop.

MHF Multilift Cables

We provide a vast array of high quality, CNC manufactured , proof load tested cables:

Cable Price per Cable Price per Pair
MHF Cable: 14mm x 7.6m £48.88 £97.76
MHF Cable: 14mm x 9m £53.94 £107.88
MHF Cable: 14mm x 9.7m £53.94 £107.88
MHF Cable: 14mm x 10m £63.10 £126.20
MHF Cable: 16mm x 9m £84.30 £168.60
MHF Cable: 16mm x 9.6m £95.20 £190.40
MHF Cable: 16mm x 9.7m £95.65 £191.30
MHF Cable: 16mm x 10m £97.40 £194.80
MHF Cable: 16mm x 12m £100.20 £200.40