Tipper Trucks for Sale

Tipper Trucks – Current Stock Built By MHF UK Ltd. And Supplied Direct

Looking for a solid pre-owned tipper for your business? Take a look through our stock below, or give us a call to see what we can build for you.

Looking to hire a tipper instead? We do that, too.

Tipper trucks - an essential waste management vehicle

With a load capacity of up to 32 tons and built to move large volumes of waste in one journey, the solidly built tipper truck is an essential vehicle to have in your waste management fleet.

Typically built on 3 or 4 axles for the UK market, the 4-axle tipper truck is engineered so that the front two axles both steer, whilst the rear two both drive the vehicle. This configuration gives it excellent grip when covering uneven terrain. Of course, you will want to invest in a truck that is best suited to the operational demands of your business.

Worcestershire based MHF (UK) Ltd have a wide range of tipper trucks available for sale from all major brands, including Mercedes and Renault.

If we don’t have a tipper truck that is quite right for you, we are happy to discuss ways to modify our vehicles to make sure that you get the most effective truck for your business.

Our skilled engineers thrive on a challenge and will take on bespoke builds that other companies simply can’t manage.

Whether you are looking to buy a tipper truck or are considering hiring one, contact our office now to discuss your requirements and your budget.

Before you purchase a tipper truck from MHF we will take you through a thorough inspection of the vehicles that you’re interested in. Key elements of the inspection will include demonstration of the hydraulic lifting mechanism both with and without a load. Service records are always available to view.

Every vehicle that crosses our yard is subject to strict checks and testing procedures. Our attention to detail means that your new tipper truck will be ready to get to work as soon as you collect it.

Used tipper trucks will, by nature, have had a hard working life but by choosing to buy or hire your next truck from MHF (UK) Ltd you can be assured that your new vehicle will give you many more years of excellent service.

For honest, reliable service and an innovative approach to tipper truck sales solutions, make your next call to MHF (UK) Ltd.