New & Used Trailers

New And Used Hook Loader and Cable Lift Trailers, Bin Trailers, Tandem and Tri Axle And More

MHF (UK) Ltd stock new and used trailers for sale and for hire to businesses across the UK. We’ve been supplying hook loader and cable lift trailers, bin trailers, tandem and tri axle and more to the waste management industry since 1975.

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New and used trailers for sale and hire from MHF (UK) Ltd

Why make two trips when you can make one? In the current climate, with ever increasing fuel prices, road tax and insurance there has been a vast increase in the sale of trailers for hook or cable lift bins. The extra capacity that a trailer offers will save your business time and money.

Towing a trailer is a far more economical way of transporting your waste – fewer trips will be made and there will be fewer emissions. In addition, there will be less disruption to onsite operations, meaning that your site will be safer.

We provide both new and used trailers for sale or hire. We have both flat bed and skeletal designs and stock tandem axle (18 tonne gross) and tri axle trailers (24 tonne). This allows our customers to pull up to a maximum of 44 tonne GTW. Trailers can also be fitted with an MHF Easysheet system to fully cover your load.

At MHF we can source and/or build a trailer to suit your specific needs, we can also provide drawbars and convert your lorry to drawbar specification. Contact us today for more information on how we can help save you money.