HGV Maintenance at MHF

Let MHF keep your vehicle in first class condition.

We offer a comprehensive range of maintenance services to keep your HGV compliant, safe on the road and with the right spec to best serve your needs.

Whether you own one vehicle or operate a fleet of lorries, HGV maintenance must always be your priority.

The workshop team at MHF (UK) Ltd have unrivalled industry knowledge and are happy to discuss your requirements. Read on to discover the range of HGV maintenance services that are available at MHF (UK) Ltd.

For more information about the importance of HGV maintenance read our article here.

HGV 6-week check

HGVs are required to undergo comprehensive walk round checks on a daily basis and more detailed vehicle checks at regular intervals stipulated by the operators O licence.

This is often known as the HGV 6-week check but must be programmed to follow a time-based pattern so that vehicles remain in a safe condition to use on and off the road. Not only does this protect operators and drivers but also other road users and the wider public.

Regardless of vehicle ownership, the user is responsible for making sure that a vehicle is safe to drive, roadworthy and has all necessary certifications.

We carry out HGV 6-week inspections (or other frequency), with same day or next day appointment availability. Costing £150 plus VAT and usually taking two hours to complete, our safety inspections are of the highest calibre.

We also offer brake tests for your vehicle at an additional cost of £10 plus VAT per axle.

As a responsible provider of HGVs available for sale or for hire, MHF (UK) Ltd offer a comprehensive vehicle inspection service. It is important to remember that operational needs must not override safety considerations. You can find out more about the HGV 6-week check here.

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DVS kit fitting

Do you need to make your vehicle Direct Vision Standard compliant?

Whilst only a legal requirement to use certain roads in Greater London, the DVS could be implemented across the country due to the clear benefits it has for road safety.

Don’t ignore common sense, book in now at MHF (UK) Ltd. We can help you to improve driver visibility and the safety of your vehicle to improve its DVS Star Rating (more information is available here).

Our fitters can install the following kit to achieve the DVS rating you need:

  • · Blind spot camera
  • · Side proximity sensors
  • · Side under run protection
  • · Audible left turn warning
  • · Rear warning stickers

Be a responsible HGV owner and give your driver the safest driving experience there is. Contact MHF (UK) Ltd now.

Workshop rates are charged at £75 per hour plus VAT.

MOT preparation and presentation

Your HGV MOT appointment is approaching. You can’t afford to risk your vehicle failing its MOT. Re-tests cost money and will delay the return of your vehicle to its scheduled workload.

As part of our commitment to providing all aspects of vehicle maintenance, MHF (UK) Ltd offers a complete MOT preparation check for HGVs and can even present your vehicle to the MOT test centre for you.

A scheduled MOT preparation appointment will enable us to check for and repair any necessary issues that are identified so that you can be sure that your vehicle will be back on the road as planned, meaning you can run your business more efficiently.

MOT preparation is charged at £75 per hour plus VAT. If you would also like us to present your vehicle at the MOT centre please contact us for a quote.

Call MHF (UK) Ltd now to book your MOT preparation appointment on 01386 792354.

Trailer maintenance

Even though trailers don’t have an engine, there are many essential parts that require servicing.

At MHF (UK) Ltd we carry out trailer maintenance for many of our customers, setting up bespoke schedules depending on the usage of the trailer. Trailers that are used heavily will require more frequent maintenance inspections than those that are only used lightly.

Items that will be checked in our trailer maintenance appointments include the braking system and the brakes themselves, cables and rods, coupling equipment, wheels and bearings too.

Trailers that exceed 3,500kg are required to undergo an annual test (not an MOT) which we can prepare your vehicle for.

Workshop rates are charged at £75 per hour plus VAT.

Simply ask our staff for more information about this service.


If your business or organisation is involved in lifting operations or providing lifting equipment for others to use, you must manage and control the risks to avoid any injury or damage.

You should do this by carrying out regular inspections of your lifting equipment.

As a provider of heavy-duty lifting equipment for the waste management and other industries, MHF (UK) Ltd has a duty of care to ensure that our equipment is well maintained and safe to use.

We offer a comprehensive checking service designed to meet strict LOLER (Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations) requirements.

These checks can be carried out to a bespoke schedule, determined by the rate at which equipment is used, but we would recommend that they happen quarterly or twice-yearly as a minimum.

The cost of this service is £250 plus VAT.

Put safety first. Contact MHF (UK) Ltd to discuss your LOLER inspection requirements today.



Does your HGV have a persistent fault that you can’t trace?

Our skilled mechanics have a long and successful track record in fault finding on HGVs and can carry out a diagnostic inspection on your vehicle at our Worcestershire-based workshop.

Stocked with a vast range of diagnostic equipment and tools, we will identify any problems, carry out repairs to your vehicle or trailer. Rest assured we will return it to you cleared of any fault codes and ready to resume normal duties.

Labour costs are charged at £75 per hour plus VAT for diagnostics.

Contact MHF (UK) Ltd now for any HGV or trailer diagnostic requirements that you may have.


Do you need a bespoke HGV or trailer? MHF (UK) Ltd can help!

We have been providing fabrication services to transform HGVs and trailers for over 40 years. Our experienced and highly skilled team works at the cutting edge of design and build to deliver high quality purpose-built HGVs and trailers to clients across the UK and beyond.

At MHF (UK) Ltd we build all our own vehicles and have an unrivalled reputation for delivering high quality solutions to our customers requirements. We offer a comprehensive fabrication service built on quality and reliability and are always up for a new challenge!

Fabrication services at MHF are competitively priced at £85 per hour plus VAT.

To find out more or to discuss how we can help call us on 01386 792354 or contact our office now.

Spray Shop

As part of our HGV maintenance offering, we offer spray shop service at our base in Worcestershire.

You may wish to rebrand your fleet or simply keep your vehicles looking smart as they represent your business on the road. Whatever the job, be it a small touch-up to a full respray, we pride ourselves on our first class workmanship and attention to detail.

We can also remove old paint using our shot blasting bay so that your vehicle looks its best when it leaves us.

MHF (UK) Ltd offer spray shop services at £75 per hour plus VAT.

Use our enquiry form to tell us what you need and we will get in touch as soon as possible.