Tri Axle Trailers And Skeletal Trailers

New & Used Tri Axle Trailers And Skeletal Trailers For Sale

Tri axle trailers, primarily drawbar style, in stock ready for pickup or delivery UK-wide. We also build bespoke solutions completely to your requirements. Take a look through our builds page, or our Facebook page for examples, and to see what we’re working on right now.

We’ve been supplying a wide range of trailers including tri-axle drawback trailers, skeletal trailers, agricultural trailers and more to the waste management industry since 1975 both in standard form and bespoke builds.

New and used trailers for sale and hire from MHF (UK) Ltd

We specialise in the supply of tri-axle and skeletal trailers for sale and for hire, that allow customers to pull up to a maximum of 44 tonne GTW. We also supply and fit MHF Easy Sheet systems to fully cover your load for safe transportation, as well as a huge range of other accessories you may need. We even offer HGV maintenance for your continued peace of mind.



Tri-axle Trailers

tri-axle trailers for saleIf capacity is what you need then a tri-axle trailer could be just what you’re looking for. Triple axle trailers have become increasingly popular in the UK in recent years.

Whilst the third axle adds weight, the loading per axle for a 24t trailer is generally 8.5t compared to 10t for a twin-axle 18t trailer, meaning you can carry a greater load. In addition, the third axle reduces ground pressure as the load is distributed more widely.

A further benefit of tri-axle trailers is that trailers fitted with a steering third axle are found to be more stable than twin-axle trailers. This is an essential feature when being towed over rough terrain.

You will notice a significant increase in productivity when using a tri-axle trailer. Contact MHF (UK) Ltd now to discuss your requirements and see what we can do for you.


Skeletal Trailers

skeletal trailersModern skeletal trailers are far more versatile than their predecessors. Commonly used to transport shipping containers, skeletal trailers can also be used as a hook loader for loading skips and for a range of other specialist applications when fitted with the appropriate attachments.

Skeletal trailers (or skelly trailers) can be built to be specific to one particular size, extendable to accommodate multiple sizes or have between 4 and 12 twist lock locations to give ultimate flexibility. Shipping containers range from 20-45 feet in length, with the longest skeletal trailers able to carry either one 45-foot container or two 20-foot containers.




Custom built trailers by MHF (UK) Ltd

With our skilled team of workshop engineers and mechanics we can source or build a trailer to suit your specific needs. Contact MHF (UK) Ltd for all your trailer needs today.