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Founded in 1993 but with links back to 1928, DAF is a Dutch company which is firmly established as a reliable and robust manufacturer of HGVs including hook loaders. With a range that spans 7.5 to 44 tonnes, DAF offers sophisticated transport solutions with efficiency at heart.

The History of DAF Hook Lifts

7.5t vehicles are an ideal size for distribution solutions, being the smallest HGV on the road. Open and flat trucks suited to being mounted with hook loading equipment tend to range from 12-26t and can have between 2-6 axles.

DAF hook loaders have been designed to handle both transport and goods such as large containers such as skips and bins. They are equipped with a hydraulic hook lift arm which is used to lift and lower containers on to the truck bed.

Thanks to DAF’s extensive Body Attachment Module (BAM) programme their vehicles are highly versatile, being able to easily switch between different types and sizes of container.

Within the DAF range there are three different body types, the XF, CF and LF. The DAF XF is best suited to long and heavy haulage vehicle uses, the LF is more suited to distribution and the CF is the body type most suited to regional, national and international transportation, equally happy on smooth and rough terrain and most used as a chassis for hook loaders.

Built to handle the demands of intensive use, the CF is very popular for heavy-duty work in the construction, waste management and general distribution industries.
The BAM programme gives DAF vehicles unmatched flexibility in chassis configuration options for hook loaders, flat-bed and box body structures.

Further details and specifications can be found on the DAF website.

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