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Skip loaders from Renault, DAF, Iveco, Scania, Volvo and more. All trucks are given a complete inspection before sale by our own mechanics.
MHF UK Ltd. are also able to custom build your fleet, to your specifications. Contact us today for details on 01386 79 23 54

Skip lorries - a workhorse of the waste management industry.

Built to transport loads of up to 18,000kgs and to endure the rigours of lifting and manoeuvring filled skips, MHF (UK) Ltd has a wide range of new and used chain lift vehicles available to hire or buy with either 7,500kgs or 18,000kgs capacity.

There are two types of skip lorry available to the waste management industry: the traditional skip hoist, which employs twin hydraulic arms to hoist the skip on to the back of the vehicle, connected by chains.

The second type of skip lorry is the much larger roll-on-roll-off bin or skip lorry. RORO skips are manoeuvred using a hook lift or winch, which pulls the bin on to the truck via a bed of rollers. These bins can be far larger than traditional skips and are often used at waste management facilities in conjunction with a compactor, to handle vast quantities of bulky waste.

Bespoke builds are our speciality

Knowing that every client we deal with has individual requirements, the team of mechanics at MHF are often commissioned to build new skip lorries and adapt vehicles for rental to individual specifications.

This includes the addition of FORS compliant camera and sheeting systems for enhanced operating conditions. Many other modifications to our skip lorries are made possible due to our unrivalled stock of new and used spares at our onsite workshops.

MHF (UK) Ltd undertake environmental responsibilities seriously and are able to provide Euro 6 vehicles that are compliant in low emission zones.

Extensive fleet of skip lorries available

Our extensive fleet of skip loaders from trusted companies such as Renault, DAF, Iveco, Scania, Volvo and more are all available to rent or buy from MHF (UK) Ltd. We’re confident that we will be able to provide the vehicle that meets your personal needs.

Skip lorries are available in a wide range of sizes and axle configurations. As an industry mainstay, these vehicles take a lot of punishment day in day out. The challenges of the job should be carefully considered to ensure that the vehicle you chose can cope with the rigours of the job it is intended for.

At MHF (UK) Ltd we encourage our customers to come and see a vehicle in action before buying it. Wherever you go to look at a potential new vehicle, you should ask to see the skip loader operating both fully laden and without a load on board. We would also suggest that all mechanisms are checked against a vehicle’s service record and what a warranty would cover.

All our skip lorries, whether for hire or for sale, are subject to rigorous safety compliance inspections to ensure that they meet the highest standards. We won’t let a vehicle leave our yard without being in it’s best condition to meet the rigours of its working life.

Confidence in our superior standards and operating procedures has led to waste management companies choosing MHF (UK) Ltd for their skip lorries for over 40 years.

Contact us today to discuss your requirements on 01386 792354.